Inspiration for the day - Blue


I am in love with the color combo of our wedding, festive fuchsia, caribbean blue and saffron yellow. It is fresh, vibrant and really speaks to us. And what I love most? Apparently the colors we chose are now the hot colors of the year, according the The Knot. Yup, you heard it here first, we are hot. I love being "in" "hot" "trendy" although I don't need The Knot to tell me so. HA!

Here is The Knot's picture for the new "hot". My colors to a T! (minus the saffron)

Here are my other favorite blue things today....oh yeah 123 days til the wedding!

The fuchsia flowers with the blue door make my heart melt. I got this here.

Hello Sangria...our signature drink. I love this picture!

This may just be too beautiful to eat. From our friends at Cakes and More

If I had my say, the whole world would be beaded! So much so that I ordered these from where they have a fabulous selection of loose beads!

Have a happy day!

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