Well one Brazilian dinner, two drinking parties, one Corningware Celebration and Matrimonial Jubilee, one rehearsal + set up, over 50 Knowles/Hachmeister/Smart/Monteau/Lund/Snell/Holder/Leth Family members, seven members of the Brazilian delegation, and one tear filled, stuck shoe, perfectly orchestrated Commander's Mansion wedding ceremony later, we are hitched and couldn't be happier!  We had a HELLUVA party, complete with Samba and Sangria, a photobooth with tons of props, gorgeous and CHEAP flowers from Trader Joe's, lots of music, laughter, love and oh yeah, great food from Ross at Culinary Inspiration, colors so vibrant they make you giddy with excitement!   This was thought up, planned, purchased, orchestrated and enjoyed by us.  DIY is the way to go....lots and lots of time and attention to every single last detail but we wouldn't have it any other way. Of course, we could not have done it without so much support, guidance and love and I thank my moms, Juliano's mom and all my GF and family members for their help.

We spent a week in Bar Harbor with the intentions of heading to Brazil for an extended honeymoon and another wedding.  More on that soon.....as this blog will go back to its original intention, you know for the SO MANY reader who were pining for it. HA!

Here are some photos from Darren Pellegrino to savor!

Mellissa and Juliano's Wedding