Color, I want Color!!


I love how all the colors work together and create a very full visual image. The table looks alive and happy!!

We definitely want a tent cause the plan is for a June wedding and it will be hot inside.
Draping lends an ethereal, dreamy quality to a tent.  Here is an example of what we could do, with different colors of course.

All beginning to come together but these are some first thoughts. 

First action?? Find a place so we can use all these wonderful ideas! OY!



is a beautiful planning can make you crazy.  I am currently running circles in my head over ceremony/receptions sites, trying to find the one that matches us, works with our budget, doesn't feed the wedding machine and is actually memorable in a really personal way.

I think I am going to turn this blog into my wedding seems like a much easier way to keep track of everything. I mean I have the three ring binder, I have the zip drive and the bookmarks on each computer I have as well as a file on the desk top. I have books about lists, I have lists about books, I have magazine and blogs and website and pictures and ideas and man oh man....I love this stuff but it makes me crazy.

What we know:
We want outdoors
We want a tent
We want some nature
We do not want a heavy meal
We want live music
We will do the decoration, flowers, favors and invites ourselves.
We want simple
We want color
We want draped tent with an ethereal feel.
I originally wanted historical but now I want modern simplicity color and clean lines.

More later.