She Wears Flowers in Her Hair

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For my wedding, I purchased gobs of faux flowers thinking I might use them to embellish pieces of the wedding, maybe the wedding arch in the arbor- which actually was completely covered with grape leaves, signs around the grounds - only had time to create one, the poles in the tent at the Commander's Mansion - there was way too much color going on after we were done, so not needed. Now I have a whole plastic tub full of $1 a stem flowers and nothing to do with them.  

Except, wear them in my hair! I started wearing the extra broken off stems from our centerpiece making during my wedding weekend, cause I couldn't bear the thought of them going to waste. I instantly fell in love with how the bright, vivid colors spruced up my dark hair, made my appearance come to life, made me feel a little more put together, like a great pair of earrings.  I have a little flower vase in my bathroom with a full spectrum of colors and styles from which to choose on any given day. Sort of like dress up.

So my new thing, that little something that makes me me is a lovely fake bloom stuck in my bun, my ponytail or behind my ear. Maybe I am out of fashion or behind the times, but I am not sure I care. It makes people stare, smile, maybe even laugh behind their hand, but only cause they don't have the guts to be a little daring in an adult world that seems to prefer leaving fanciful things to the young. I want to be known as She Who Wears Flowers in Her...and I do just because I can. 

Kerri Russell

Garcelle Beauvais 

Courtesy of Lulu's Hut