Ha! i guess this posting from my phone thing does work. i am looking at my blog right now as i text. technology! Gotta love it! Stay tuned for updates from the Mountain!

getting ready 4 mountain jam. going with my best girl jess. have 2 say it is damn expensive 2 be a hippie! and i have so much left 2 do 2 get ready!

Welcome to my world


My name is Mellissa and I am a princess….except for the fact that I am a little neurotic, obsessive, overworking, underslept, addicted to coffee, cheese and music. I am dating my best friend’s – well maybe now ex best friend’s – ex boyfriend – to my credit it was three years ago for three months and she is now engaged. I have two cats, Sadie and Sasha, one sleeps on my head and the other is in love with my weird male roommate. Traitor. I have a therapist who I think helps me and an Al Anon meeting which I know helps me. I have a complicated family life, mothers, fathers and lots of sibs...and love, mostly love. I can’t have a relationship to save my life….until now. I sit at a desk all day and pretend to work. I am political and loud and very opinionated….all of which get me in trouble. I like to exercise but never do and somehow think I can be in shape and healthy. I have slightly elevated cholesterol and blood pressure. And I gained two pounds over the weekend. Damn it. I hate my nose and want a nose job, I need Botox for a furrow in my brow that comes from my retro-cringe.

On the other hand, I have awesome friends, an amazing nephew and an overabundance, overflowing amount of love and goodness in my life.

My name is Mellissa and I am a princess….a princess askew. Welcome to my world.