Two Maids Weigh In


Coleen likes #1 and Jess likes #2. I like them both but I also like #3 and #4. Maybe a trip to the bridal shop is in order. I like #4 with a small ribbon/sash around the waist.

Maid Dresses Galore...


So I think this is the easiest way, aside from actually shopping in a store - geesh who does that anymore - to see some of my ideas for bridesmaid's dresses. Just some ideas and nothing more. I love the colors though. EEEEE!!! as Coleen would say. I really like the first one but in a different color, obviously! Have at it ladies. These are all from David's Bridal but we don't necessarily need to go there. This is just to generate ideas. Thoughts?

What LUCK!!

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So apparently I lucked out at Filene's Basement's Running of the Brides because I scored myself a Maggie Sottero Couture bridal gown for $250! Originally, I believe it is $2298.  Ummm that is an over $2000 savings! And for anyone who knows bridal fashion, Maggie Sottero is an innovator in the industry, one of the most recognized bridal gown manufacturers, a multi-award winning designer label offering brides the best fit in the industry, coupled with the highest quality fabrics and exquisite details. 

Holy cow. I am fully in love with my dress.  Needs very few alterations which makes the price tag even sweeter.

Here are some photos of 2009 Running of the Bride. We went in August.

Save the Date - DIY


So Juliano and I decided to do as much of our wedding as possible. After a few trials and errors and lots of backing and forthing about what we want, I finally came up with a design I just love.  

The SAVE THE DATE needed to incorporate number of wishes from both of us, set the theme for the wedding and show off our playful side. They don't send STD announcements in Brazil so the only Jul has ever seen in on my fridge, for my cousin Eric. So Jul def wanted a magnet. I wanted pictures, he wanted a photobooth looking magnet. I wanted it to be cheap but not look cheap.  

This is what I came up with....Jul helped with colors and font.

Underneath the picture of me with my ring, we stamped a flower in the color peony which is the same color as our names.  It is tres cute!

In order to satisfy the magnet part of our wants, I found magnet paper at Staples and then created a Welcome to Boston image with our names and the wedding date on it. We cut them with a paper cutter and then I purchased a tool to round the edges. It was 50% at Michael's...I love when good ideas are on sale!  We attached the magnet to the back with a glue dot and then wrote a personal message on the back of each.  On the back, I printed a copyright symbol with our wedding date and designed by m and j just to be cute.

Jul and I found some envelopes the same color as the blue on the card at a local stationary store.  I made our return address labels with regular address label with the same font and color as the STD. I then stamped a color of the image we are using for our invitations, the theme stamp for the wedding.  We also found this awesome wedding stamp which is super cute - a couple in the three stages of a relationship, date, engagement, wedding - and stamped that on the back of each envelope. I wrote the addresses by hand.

It was quite a project but one that feels very good to have done ourselves. The message on the back on the STD is personal which makes the whole thing less cookie cutter and more meaningful.

So DIY budget:
Photo cards I bought at Jobs Lots over a year ago - $2.50
Three packs of 20 envelopes for 2.29 a piece - $6.87
Magnet paper - $13.00
Stamp which is also being used elsewhere - $15
Printing and Labor - FREE
Personal, professional and Fun SAVE THE DATE - PRICELESS