Oh the stress of it...


Oh sweet Jesus, I am freaking out. I keep logging on the The Knot, My Wedding, Project Wedding, Wedding Wire, etc, etc and I just cannot get with it as other "knotties" have. Maybe I just don't have time. And then there are awesome blogs to give inspiration but do I have time to read them much less do my own. Who can forget Wedding Bee, 100 Layer Cake, A $10,000 Wedding blogs? I mean I really WANT to blog all about this and show you all my DIY creations but who the hell has time. Ugh.

Location? CHECK
Caterer? CHECK
Theme? CHECK
Dress? CHECK
Website? CHECK
Invitation? DON'T EVEN ASK ME
Save the Date? Ummm...still saving it

Colors are stressing me out cause everyone keeps saying well that isn't summer or festive enough. So then I change it and then everything has to change. And then I go on a buying rampage and what was supposed to be cheapish ends up being expensive-ish. Damnit! Make up your mind.

This is my inspiration picture. PERIOD. Magenta, Apricot, Caribbean blue. Does this work?