Draping Dilemma!

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Currently being obsessed with the idea of tent draping...no correction, forever being obsessed with tent draping, I am having a difficult time figuring out how and what to do within a budget and time frame.

Originally, I wanted to drape the ceremony area, which is an outside grape arbor as well. Imagine, white chiffon or cotton panels floating softly above the quets, protecting against the harsh sun but casting warmth around the nuptials. It would be beautiful and whimsical, soft with perfect light. Ahhh....it seems like a dream and impossible on our budget.

So, I move to the place where we will be spending the most time, the reception tent. BIG HIGH tent with three poles. I originally wanted draping from the center pole out to all corners of the tent with chinese lanterns in the colors of the wedding hanging in between. Ok that how the hell do we get up there??

This would be perfect.

Other thoughts or ideas to fake the look?
- Draping fabric in a few openings between the poles
- Using just the colored chinese lanterns to break up the white space of the tent
- Line the perimeter of the tent with colored fabric to give hint of color

A few images I love:
I love how the natural elements are tied in with the lanterns.

(Top pic) Example of an initial thought I had to just drape around the poles like curtains.
Adds color but not too difficult to create.

With lots of ideas, not a lot of time or money, the first place to start is with the tent itself, dimensions, poles, how long, how tall. I actually just got off the phone with Justin at Taylor Rental in Haverhill. They are providing the tent and are super super nice. Gave me all the info I needed, 40x80, 24 poles, every 10 feet, and even some suggestions based on what I want to do with the chinese lanterns. We discussed heavy gauge fishing wire. I will still snoop around for a design that I like. Here are the colors thus far:

I would like to use saffron ribbon to hang at the bottom or use to hang on the wire. We will see cause that ribbon is expensive!!

Thoughts for now. My brain is overloading but I think my ideas are starting to come together!

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