Planning planning and more planning!

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So we are in the stages of planning hell for the greatest day of our lives....ok not hell but similar. I am one who goes at something hard and quick and so I want all this done now. Why? So I can sit and wait and think about all the things that might go wrong. Its all true. Plus we want to do it all ourselves and have a hand it all the little pieces.

We have decided that our wedding gift registry will primarily include things for our honeymoon/trip. I am SO HAPPY Juliano asked me to marry him and I am very excited to be him wife. BUT it puts a slight kaibash on our plan to drive to Brazil so why not use one for the other? Between the two of us we have tons of things already. Plus, since we are planning a long trip and probably getting rid of much of our stuff, not sure how much sense it makes to get lots of new stuff. So by deduction, we will register for stuff we will really use.

This is what I say NOW, but my mom and sister say Get really good towels and sheets. And I want people to feel like they can give us whatever they feel that want to give or even nothing at all.

Damn, it IS all about everyone else. Crap.

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